Casts Announced for Blackbird’s Third Season

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Blackbird Theater is pleased to announce casting for their 2012/2013 season. The casts include some of Nashville’s best known talent, as well as some new faces poised to leave lasting impressions on audiences.

Red by John Logan


Mark Rothko Ronnie Meek
Ken Justin Boccitto

Amadeus by Peter Shaffer


Antonio Salieri Brian Webb Russell
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Brent Maddox
Constanze Weber Amanda Card McCoy
Venticello 1 Evelyn O’Neal Brush
Venticello 2 Brad Oxnam
Emperor Joseph II Michael Slayton
Baron Gottfried van Swieten Brad Forrister
Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg Ronnie Meek
Count Johann Kilian von Strack Phil Perry
Katherina Cavalieri Katherine Sandoval Taylor
Gallant 1/Ensemble Kristopher Wente
Gallant 2/Ensemble Sawyer Wallace
Kapellmeister Bonno/Ensemble Billy Rosenberg
Teresa Salieri/Ensemble Robyn Berg
Salieri’s Valet/Ensemble John Mauldin
Salieri’s Cook/Ensemble Kay Ayers
Majordomo/Ensemble John Silvestro
Ensemble Emory Colvin